Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will There Be Tulips in South Africa?

Although I would love to be headed to South Africa right now TODAY to begin my service and adventure, I'm also quite happy to be at home here in Atlanta during spring time.  If one can overlook the yellow coating of pollen that is everywhere, the flowers and trees and bushes are just teeming with new blooms and color.  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers (along with Irises) and I'm happy to have not missed them this year.  However, it has me wondering what kinds of plants and flowers I will be seeing in South Africa.  At this point, I haven't a clue what the local foliage will be like. From what I have read thus far, there seems to be a great variety of climate and ecosystems from one province to the next, so I might expect most anything.  When I visited Tanzania several years ago, I was totally enthralled with the jacaranda tree which has a brilliant violet bloom.  Wouldn't mind having one of those in my front or back yard.

Jacaranda trees
Also, curious about what the general wild life will be beyond the hippos, lions and elephants (smile!).  I already know that one of my first purchases when we get settled will be a book of local birds. I am not a "birder" by any stretch, yet I do greatly enjoy watching and tracking the variety of birds that show up at the feeder currently in my back yard.  Just last week there were TWO pileated woodpeckers flitting around at the edge of the woods.  That was a first time for such a viewing!

Whatever I see growing, flying and running around (just no slithering, please!) in South Africa, it will be a treat!  Can't wait to see it all.

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