Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rocks or Bridges … Would You Take the Rocky Path?

First, I would like to credit Nancy M., a lovely PC Volunteer currently in Samoa, for the following.  I read this on her blog and it intrigued me so much.  It goes a long way to help me understand for myself, as well as explain to others, why I want to serve in the PC. (Other explanations will be shared over time.)

There are rock people and there are bridge people. Bridge people take the paved road across the river. They can see the other side and the route is direct and safe. The bridge gets them where they want to go.

Rock people prefer the adventure of jumping from rock to rock, hoping they're close enough together and not too slippery. Rock people are willing to trust that there will be rocks all the way across the river, even though they aren't visible. They're willing to get wet if they miss a rock. They're willing to risk getting swept away. The payoff is the thrill of the crossing, the confidence that comes with making it across the hard way, the unexpected view, the bond formed with other rock people

Some friends’ and family members’ reactions to my announcement that we are going to serve in the Peace Corps has been, “Well, that’s just like you to do something so adventurous.”  It’s strange that some people would see me as a rock person, since not only would I view myself as a bridge person, but I also feel as though I’m frequently gripping the bridge hand rails as I go.

Nonetheless, I want to be a rock person and after considering many options, it seems as though the Peace Corps is the right group to help make it happen.

So, in the famous words of Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

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